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  • Prevent stray clicks on a laptop's mouse pad when doing other things.
  • Scroll the window directly beneath the mouse instead of the window that has keyboard focus.
  • Disable keyboard and mouse input (stop toddlers or cats from messing up your PC).

  • Automation

  • Automate complex control systems and simple jobs (insert text into Word, fill out forms, etc.
  • Auto keystrokes and mouse clicks, hotkeys, abbreviation expansions, key remapping and more

  • Cursor

  • Enhance the mouse cursor.

  • Hotkeys / Shortcuts

  • Allow Caps lock and Insert key to be toggled by holding down Shift + Caps lock or Insert.
  • Set hotkeys to do common tasks
  • Turn off caps lock when Shift is pressed together with A-Z or other user defined keys.
  • Windows keyboard shortcuts (common, dialog box, windows explorer, help viewer and more)

  • Keyboards

  • Speed up the navigation keys (or any other keys).
  • Mini keyboards with special functions ($70-$260)
  • Illuminated keyboards - see-through keys with blue light underneath ($80)
  • The blank keyboard designed to produce greater speed with gold-plated mechanical keys. ($80)
  • Keyboard with keys that have configurable color display screens ($1560)

  • Mice

  • A mouse that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position and eliminates arm twisting.

  • Typing

  • Very simple keyboard game (press the key that is shown in red)
  • How fast can you type? Typing test, only takes a couple of minutes to complete
  • A fun way to learn touch-typing