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  • The year's best gear so far
  • How to build a PC - A computer building guide (affordable, high quality, high performance)
  • Hardware analysis and news
  • Gathers information on your CPU, motherboard, memory and operating system.
  • Check which hardware is compatible with Linux

  • Accessories

  • Provides info on signal availability and strength as well as essential network information.
  • Describe your ideal universal remote control through an online form and see remotes that fit.
  • USB memory stick that is made from forest wood. (256MB $60, 512MB $75, 1GB $90)
  • A webcam with amazing features, it can add various FX to your face and do much more ($130).

  • BIOS

  • Automatically identify your computer's BIOS and other system information.

  • Gaming

  • Inexpensive components to build a gaming PC ($800).
  • Analyzes your computer to see if it can run a computer game of your choice.

  • Hard Disk

  • Shows drives information, by type, volume label, vendor information and more.

  • Modem

  • Call display application, automatic caller's number, name identification, and more.

  • Portable

  • Portable freeware pack, updated regularly, categorized, etc.
  • High quality, thourough list of the best free portable applications.

  • RAM

  • Collection of programs for your portable drive.
  • A tray tool to start user defined applications from USB key devices or removable disks